AEG's (Automatic Electric Gun) We have a range of Automatic Electric guns available to suit all needs and all types of games and players

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ELAKM AEG Platinum

Product no.: NPG9

£434.99 *
In stock

NP Delta: Pioneer Defender AEG - Black

Product no.: NPG2

£134.99 *
In stock

NP Delta: Freedom Fighter

Product no.: npd3

£259.99 *

NP Delta: Nomad Bravo - Tan

Product no.: NPG11

£234.99 *
In stock

R85A1 assault rifle replica

Product no.: GF2

£219.99 *

SW-020T Carbine Replica - Olive Drab

Product no.: GF3

£189.99 *
In stock

Army MP9 SubMachine AEG (Black - ARMY-R606)

Product no.: IWS13

£29.99 *
In stock

M809 G39 AEG Rifle

Product no.: IWS15

£79.99 *
In stock
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